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In which way are you beautiful?
Everyones different... yeppers...

1. Okay. First, do you have many friends?
Oh, yeah... tons.
A few...
not many, really...
2. And, what do you normally do with those freinds?
Art, music... productive stuff thats usually creative.
Date a boyfreind, girlfreind, do family stuff.
Oh... lost of stuff!!
Usually try to do something thats helping my freinds. Or, just something to help someone out...
3. Trying to judge yourself from a freind`s perspective, how would you be decribed?
helpful (i hope)
fun, (and cool, hopefully!)
smart, maybe?
kind and nice... :-)
4. Do YOU think that you are smart?
Yeah... i get good grades, at least.
its not my leading quality, but a little...
well, i try to be the best I can be.
yeah, I smart.
5. In school, do you speak up a lot?
Yeah, totally!
when I have something to say, yes.
sometimes, to help someone get their thought across.
with freinds, yes.
6. Are you single?
No, and I`m happy!
Yes, and I`m happy.
Yes... but sometimes I wish i wasn`t.
7. And finnally... are you a good speller?!?? ;-)
Im medium.

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Created on:3/23/2009 5:59:04 PM
Made by:phoebeshappy

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