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How in love are you   A deep quiz  beware   quiz. Once again  this is not  quot let me guess how in love you are quot  kind of quiz  This is an estimation based on how you answered the questions  Don t tell me I m wrong  because it s just based on how you think  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How in love are you? (A deep quiz, beware.)
Once again, this is not "let me guess how in love you are" kind of quiz. This is an estimation based on how you answered the questions. Don't tell me I'm wrong, because it's just based on how you think.

1. What is the best thing they have ever done for you?
Just letting me hear thier voice.
Buying me something(s) gorgeous.
Kissing me under the stars.
2. Rank your love for them from 1-10 (Don`t over exaggerate, and be honest.)
3. Have you ever cried just because they where crying?
Yes, it breaks my heart in two when they cry.
A little bit. It hurts to hear them cry, and I`d do anything to make them happy again.
No, but I feel bad for them and try to comfort them when they`re sad.
4. They asked you to marry them right this moment. Money is not an object, and there is no age limit to marriage. What would you say?
Not right now, there`s a lot to think about.
Yes, of course.
5. When you`re not talking to them, you:
Have withdrawls. They`re like my life support.
Think about them every second they`re away
6. Either you kill him/her or you die. Your choice is:
The last thing I would ever do is hurt them. I would gladly die.
It`s too painful to think about.
I would kill him/her if I had to, but I would never forgive myself for it.. ever.
7. Describe him/her?
Totally Hot and funny
Beautiful in every way
Very Cute & Lovable.
8. Rate and comment :)? (No effect)
If it was right.
Yes! It was a good quiz
No, I didn`t really enjoy it.

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Created on:11/2/2008 1:50:11 PM
Made by:Valllx

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