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I`m sOoO0oOo0Oo0oO0o0oOOo0o0O Bored...
I'm just bored...

1. I`m watching Grease 2.
Cool! That movie`s awesome!
They made a second one?
Those movies suck. I hate you.
2. I`m a vegetarian... what about you? P.S. That`s Paul McCartney in that pic.
Me too! I can`t stand animal cruelty!
I hate animal cruelty, but there is something stopping me from becoming vegetarian.
I hate animals. Go cheeseburgers and steak.
3. My favorite animal is a penguin.
Awesome! Mine too!
Mine is something else.
I hate animals. This quiz sucks,
4. I love The Beatles. How about you?
OMG! I`m obsessed with The Beatles!
They`re okay...
I hate The Beatles.
5. I`m a grammar freak.
Me too! Wow!
i has grematikle issuez
6. Paul McCartney and Wings was cool. Go Paul McCartney!
Yeah! :-D
They suck!
7. I would rather be...
At a Paul McCartney concert/ in the 60s at a Beatles concert!
Taking a different quiz.
8. Ok, bye.
I`m not going to take another one of your guizzes again.

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Created on:6/29/2008 3:22:23 AM
Made by:heyjude95

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