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I`m so bored
someone leave a comment cause I'm so bored!

1. I`m so bored!
Know how that feels..
I have a life, I never get bored
2. Are you bored enough to be taking this?
I`m taking it, duh!
I just need something to do...
3. I wish I had something fun to do...
Isn`t making quizzes fun?
Bored person, I feel your pain..
4. Do you have any boredom stopping ideas? If so, comment them!
I`m not bored so no.
If I did, I would be using them...
5. Bye!!!!!!!!!
I`ll go find something else to do...

About This Quiz
Times Taken:6,202
Created on:3/17/2012 5:20:54 PM
Made by:christabel13

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