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I m making a quiz series  Comment to support me on it  quiz. Yeah  so I thought today   quot     I should make a series  quot  So why not  See if you like it and if you do  support me and I might continue on it     Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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I`m making a quiz series! Comment to support me on it!
Yeah, so I thought today. "... I should make a series!" So why not? See if you like it and if you do, support me and I might continue on it. :)

1. Soo, you don;t mind quiz series, ...right??
I don`t mind at all ^_^
Hate it! Me: Why the heck are you here then?!?!
2. I`m a beginner at this sort of thing, so be nice ok?
Nope. I`m gonna be mean as heck to you.. muhahahahaha! Me: That reminds me of a certain someone >_>
Sure sure. I understand ^_^
3. ok. My series are about a girl finding out her past, only to be chased down by shadows. Her only protection is her demon friend, Ivan.
Sounds so coooool!!!
*sigh* I`m bored. Can I go home now??
4. Here`s the deal. If I get at least four comments on each quiz, I`ll keep my quiz series going. I`ve found a website thats addicting lately, so... comments, or no series.
I promise to comment!!
... *already left*
5. And I warn those who are weak hearted.. This will be a gory kid of story and have violence in it. What did you expect with demons in it?! Oh and don`t worry, it`s not a romance, although it may seem like it.
Oh. I can handle it! This sounds like a cool story!
... *still gone* Me: Better off gone -/_\-
6. Soooo, make sure to comment on my coming quiz ser- ... uhh.... if some people can, please give me a name for it. well see yeah for now.
Ok bye bye!
... Me: =/_\=`

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Created on:6/6/2009 11:43:45 PM
Made by:Mistheart

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