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Im FREAK n OUT     quiz. Some advice plz p s  keep helpful without being mean plz Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Im FREAK`n OUT!!!!
Some advice plz p.s. keep helpful without being mean plz

1. U see this girl this is me...just a average going through life and trys to make peace to every1...i never use violence or bulling wats so ever...
ok go on
...k so
2. people say im a VERY kind person and understanding:)))(i like helping ppl its important)
ok go on
3. there r these twins u see and they target a girl and make their lives of them her name is SHANNON today we were playing dodge ball she kept throwing balls at my bad back and my head i turned and she smile in a sassy way WHICH I HATE!!
OH MY!!!
ok go on
4. SHE told her friends that im a offense to lesbains but i wont be a lesbain IM BOY CRAZY!!!!!yah i might be boyish at times and i take to girls and i joke with them dosent mean im something im not!!right
wat a bitch(she knows she is)
5. her and her twin NICOLE r b*itchin at my friends now which is difficult to watch...i dont want to watch my friends being bullied 4 no reason!!
go on
6. what they getting finding out basically my fears thats people some how im scared of all people cause sometimes u dont know how ppl could be..
7. i tell my mom to let her know she scared me when she sayed "NO1 messes w/ my kid! if it goes TO bad tell me and i`ll go to their house and have a talk."
:-0 Wow
8. o and ive never preformed in front of a audience and soon i am going to have a recital for guitar im play ode to joy but im scared of messing up...

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Created on:11/7/2008 10:16:57 PM
Made by:XxMcRxXkaty

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