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If you were to have a pet dragon, what would it look like?

1. Which one of these do you like to do the most?
Swim... the water is so awesome!
Go camping... the outdoors is wonderful.
Watch the clouds... so peaceful!
Howl like a werewolf! HOWOO!!!
2. Are you on a swimteam?
Wha? No... but I like to swim!
Nope I hate swimming.
Yes I am!
3. Where would you want to live?
In a jungle or forest.
High in the sky...
Somewhere hot where it BURNS!!
Deep under the ocean.
Just somewhere in the dark... the night...
4. Do you try to get out into the spotlight?
No I mainly stay out of view.
Oh yeah!! Shine it on ME!!!!!
Sometimes but not all the time.
5. Are you secretive?
Yes. SHH!!
Not really
6. Are you obsessed with the beautiful outdoors and nature?
Yes I always want to go out there.
I`m not obsessed. I think it`s cool but I`ll only go outside if it`s nice out.
Get me away from stupid NATURE!! (me: You disgust me!)
7. How logical are you and are you a deep thinker?
Very logical and such a deep thinker.
Not logical but deep thinker.
I`m no deep thinker or logical.
8. How confident are you?
Pretty much but not always.
9. Are you brave and tough?
Yes I`m brave and tough. GRR!
I`m OK but I can`t tell a ghost to go away (hey that rhymes!)
10. Do you know all the new stlyes and `whats cool`?
Oh yes and I wear all of it! ;)
Yeah but I don`t wear it. It just doesn`t fit my style.
What? I don`t know what`s new. I don`t care. I have my own style.
11. Are you free-spirited or `go-with-the-crowd`?
Go with the crowd!
Err... in between.
12. Are you realistic and all scientific and only believe in the proven?
Well... I can be.
Not at all!
13. Do you mind the wind?
Ugh, I hate it! BRR!!
It`s OK I don`t love it but it can get on my nerves sometimes but I don`t hate it.
Oh my gosh I love the wind!
14. Are you mysterious?
Yes... dark, mysterious...
Uhh... no, not really?
15. Are you always daydreaming?
Yes... lost in a fantasy world...
Umm sometimes.
No I`m in the world. I`m here! Not lost!
16. True or False: No one understands you, you are lost, confused...
17. Are you competitive?
Maybe so...
18. Energetic?
Maybe so...
19. Are you a good leader?
maybe so....
20. Favorite color mix? (please comment!)
white/light blue
21. Sorry this is the last question: Are you a good dancer and do you love to dance?
I like to dance I`m OK at it I don`t LOVE it!
I am a fabulous dancer I love it! So much grace...
Uhh... I`m not too great but I think it`s fun.
I hate dancing.

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Created on:2/26/2008 4:48:57 PM
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