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If you were stranded on an island, would you survive?
yo, I hope u like my qiuz.

1. your on a plane, and the pilot anounces that their is a huge storm comming. What do you do?
you lock yourself in the coat closet, everything thats in there is soft.
you stay calm and hope you get through the storm okay.
you cover your face in blankets, you get motion sickness.
You ask the pilot to stop the plane there and now.
you scream and start running around the plane.
you say goodbye and pull the trigger.
2. plane has crashed on an island, and you are the only person alive, what do you do?
look through the plane and find a survivel kit. than go get camp set up.
find branches and set up a tent, you look for a survivel kit in the morning.
sit there trying to lite a fire in the rain.
you lay there because you broke your leg wile running around the plane.
puke and sit down on a rock, your too sick to move on.
your already dead
3. It`s morning, what do you eat.
fish, and fruit
you eat any food you can find on the plane.
eat the passengers.
dont eat you are still feeling sick.
your still dead.
4. you look around the island, you deside......
that you should stay and make a log cabon on the island.
its very pretty, but you miss your family and friends.
you just want to go home.
to make a boat and try to sail across the ocean.
your already dead, duh.
5. you see a rescue plane up ahead, what do you do.
ignore it youve already made a cabon.
you signal it.
you cry.
climb a cliff and chase it.
why dont you get it, I`m dead.
6. did you like this quiz? ( does not effect outcome)
a bit
7. this is the last quistion, will you comment or rate. (does not effect the outcome)
depends on what I get.

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Created on:4/26/2008 2:08:23 PM
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