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If you were lost, could you make it back alive?
If you became lost in the woods, with no one coming to find you, could you make it out alive?

1. Can you swim?
I sink like a rock.
2. Are these berries safe to eat?
3. You see this animal, what do you do?
Play dead.
Climb a tree.
Try to scare it off with noise and your jacket.
4. You see these clouds moving towards you.
Fluffy white clouds, nothing to worry about.
Storm clouds, I should take cover.
5. In what compass direction does the sun rise and set?
Rises in the North, Sets in the South
Rises in the South, Sets in the North
Rises in the West, Sets in the East
Rises in the East, Sets in the West
6. Where is the North Star?
Brightest star in the sky.
Follow the Milky Way to find it.
Middle of Orion`s Belt
Use the two pointer stars in the Big Dipper to find it.
7. Assuming you have a way of making fire, what else should you do?
Find a log, clear off the fungus/mushrooms and set it on fire.
Find dry leaf litter, twigs, then larger dry branches.
Big dry branches piled high.
8. Can you eat these berries?
9. Would you eat this insect if you were starving to death?
Yes, no problem.
Wow, only if I were truely on the verge of dieing.
Never. That is Gross.
NO. That is a poisoness insect!!

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