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If you were in Super Mario Bros  would you win  quiz. Ha answer  most likley not  so see how you die   e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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If you were in Super Mario Bros. would you win?
Ha answer: most likley not, so see how you die (e)

1. There are three pipes which one do you go in?
The one closest to me.
The middle one.
The one farthest away.
Pipes!?! I dont go into pipes
2. You have to jump over a gap that has embers in it........you.......
Put my cape on and fly ova the gap.
Run jump it.
Jump it?
Go around it duhh.
3. You are running from a chain chomp so to get away you......?
Go in the 1st pipe I see.
Shot fireballs into its mouth so it dies.
Wait untill its close to me then jump over it.
4. Youve just gotten a mushroom but to continue you need to be small os you.....
Let the goombas get me.
Get hurt then go in i guess?
Commit sucide.
Squize through.
5. There hapens to be several goombas in front of you and behind them are koopas what do you do?
Jump on `em all!!!
Shot fireballs at `em!
Goombas? Koopas? Sounds to hard ill just stay here and die.
6. How do you feel about goombas?
I LOVE them!
there ok i guess
I hate goombas, die goombas!
7. Fire Flower or Star?
Fire Flower
Pift neither
8. Ok some how you obtain a gun what do you do with it?
uh.....kill every one!!! hahahahaha
Use it to win. Duhh
Guns thats not right I wouldnt use it.
What gun is it?

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Created on:6/21/2007 8:46:02 PM
Made by:Chaos72

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