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If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be???
Lets see!!! :P

1. What is your fave color??? (hehehe...)
White, grey, or black. Basically, plain colors.
Bright colors like orange or red.
Cool colors like green or blue.
Pinkish and purplish colors.
2. What do your friends think of you???
They like that i am really unique.
They love me because we always go crazy and have fun together!
They like how i always take risks. There is never a boring moment with us.
They love how i am so nice and caring. We always listen to eachothers problems.
3. What would you do to get noticed by your crush???
Just be myself! No one can resist me!!!
Do something crazy so everyone will notice me.
Laugh really loudly with my friends. It might be wierd, but it will work!!!
Take extra time in the morning to look good.
4. If you had to choose, what kind of pet would you get???
A cute little gerbil!!!
A cat or dog. They are really energetic.
A reptile. They are so awesome.
The basic low maintanence pet, a fish.
5. Where are you always seen with your friends???
At school or at eachothers houses.
Everywhere! We are always somewhere new!!!
At amusement parks! We love wild and crazy things!!!
At the mall, of course!!!
6. Ummm... I dont have anymore ideas for questions so yeah...
Whatever... Like i care...
Its alright!!! Your quiz was awesome!!!

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Created on:7/29/2008 12:55:59 PM
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