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If you were an anime  what would you look like  quiz. Pretty much it s a personality quiz decides what you d look look in an anime  including power  color  and how you act    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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If you were an anime, what would you look like?
Pretty much it's a personality quiz decides what you'd look look in an anime, including power, color, and how you act. (e)

1. What`s your favorite color here?
2. You see your crush approaching you. What do you think?
He must like me!
Oh no, he cannot want to talk to ME!
W-what am I gonna say?
Oh, oh, oh! It`s -h-i-m!
Just ignore him, turn around...
3. The smartest girl in the class is next to you with a sheet full of test answers. Would you peek?
Maybe, if it was a difficult test.
I`M the smartest kid in the class.
...I can always study and get better after.
No way! That would be cheating!
Just a peek.
4. What do you put on your ice cream cone?
With tons of nuts and candies!
I`ll eat my ice cream plain.
Caramel, hot fudge or syrup!
A cherry on top?
I don`t eat ice cream! (diet)
5. If someone said your friend was a backstabber, what would you say?
Tell me more!
You`re the backstabber!
6. The biggest party is going on and your parents said you can`t go because it will be too wild.
They`re probably right anyway.
I`ll beg and plead on my knees!
I`ll work out some sort of deal.
I`ll sneak out.
I`ll change the party and make it "SAFER".
7. What do you think of my quiz?
Umm...I`ll tell you when I get my results!
It`s so awesome and you rock too!
It was okay...I guess...
I`d definatly recommend it.
Yeah, yeah, can I see my results now?

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Times Taken:5,377
Created on:12/24/2007 4:59:10 PM
Made by:SpicyEscape

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