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if you were a wolf would you make it to ma pack
yo im back homedawg11

1. so your in your den you see an enemy wolf , by the looks of things hes heading for the pups you
jump out and atatak any thing for another member of the pack
walk out slowy and lave but try your best
naw i aint risking ma fur for them brats
2. affter that you see your alpha male he tells you to go hunt you
nod hes the alpha and im starving howwlll elk for dinner pups!!!
walk of with a quick growl
growl feace he can get it his self
3. youve got an day of kinda what do you do
hang with some pals go exploring maybe get hunting while im at it.
joke around y`know just things...LIKE GETING CATS HOOOWWLLL
lie around growling as pups/pack mebers come near me (dawg chill y`know)
4. the forest cathces on fire you
try to safe as much wolves as i can
safe the pups but make sure im safe
5. almost done!! your looking for a new den since the fire destroyed the old one, you find a great one but you want it for your self you
tell theam to keep looking this is ma space now
*sigh* and tell them about it
go to tell them but start faveing second thoughts
6. theres this girl/boy there singleand you like em but your already in a pack you
leave and go with out her i dont need a pack any way
go affter all its natcher
ask the pack leader to take them in
7. say got in what would your fur be(this will not affect quizze)
black or other dark clours
a white or lite grey or something
tan or like an orangy clolour ( team jacob high five)
8. u find pups from your pack stuck in a hunters trap and you know thell get skinned you
rip apart the trap and save em
try as hard as you can top save em
growl and walk away
9. its a full moon your shape shifters or werewolves its a celebration and an elderly tribe meber tells legands you
listen very very carefully
try to act intrested
ywan and walk away
10. your eating and a pup comes up hes straving you
bring up your food for him for him
look at him and regulgerate a bit
growl and snarl till he runs away
11. thats it ended may wolves

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