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Common sense quiz (jst for fun)
choose carefully.

1. What if... u were at the zoo and a tiger broke out of its cage and was about to attack your family, wut weapon would u use to tame it?
a gun
a stick
my bare hands, i can take it!
a tazer
a tranquilizing dart
2. What if... u were at the store and a robber burst in the store with a gun and shouted "NOBODY MOVE!", wut would u do?
i would hide under something so he wouldnt find me
i would run towards him and try to beat him up
i would run out the door screaming for help
i would get down and cover my head
i would ignore him and keep shopping
i would get on my knees and beg him not to kill me
3. What if... u were home alone and got a phone call and the person on the other end said"im gonna kill u" and then hung up, wut would u do?
run into the kitchen and grab some knives
run to the phone and call 911
run to my room and lock the door
run outside and look around
ignore the call and watch a movie
4. What if... u were cooking in the kitchen and something caught on fire, what would u try put it out with?
id blow on it
5. sorry this quiz is so short, i was jst bored...
its ok
this quiz sucked!
go to hell!!

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Created on:7/14/2009 4:26:37 PM
Made by:kaylala

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