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The what If quiz.
Lol What if?

1. What if your house was on fire?
Watch it burn and eat popcorn
Put more gas on it as it bursted in to huge flames.
2. What if your fax machine attacked you?
I would blow it up!! :D
Run away in terror
Wounder about it.
3. What if chucky was real? o.o
IDK!! Ahhh!! 0-0
Be friends!! :3
Kill him with some type of machine gun.
4. What if i was a zombie?
I would Stay FARRR FARR away from you.
I`d let you eat me. :3
I`d kill you...I have no other choice xD
5. What if I ate your cookies?
I`d eat you. xD
Try to stay calm... e.o
cookies and MIlK!!
6. What if edward came up to you and told you he loved you?{Idk why i put this xD}
Freak out and ask ALOT of questions.
Laugh uncontrolabley.
Just look at him.
7. What if you could live forever?
I Would Set to rule the WORLD!
I would sit and watch tv.
Eat cookies forever since i cant die xD
8. What if you could be a cookie monster?
I`d steal little childrens cookies and eat them! :D
Go insane and comand COOKIES!{And milk xD]
What? You mean milk and cookie monster, right?

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Created on:11/28/2008 10:21:24 PM
Made by:deathblood

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