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If you knew me in real life....
What would you think of me in real life...

1. If you done something wrong by me & I happened to make up an offencive joke about you and tell it to heaps of people, you would...
Ask me why I did it & accept the fact or appologise.
Shrug it off. Who cares? Maybe be a bit angry though.
Spread a rumour about me, you want me to suffer.
Bash me or get revenge some other way... You`d hate me for life.
2. You wish you had...
A loving family, good friends, good grades at school.
Good looks, a good entertainment system, happieness.
A better personality, my own television, more spare time.
I don`t wish for anything, I`m happy with what I`ve got.
3. If you didn`t know someone but all of your friends told you that they`re a slut, you would...
Make fun of them with your friends, I don`t wanna be friends with a slut!!
Probably hate them, but only gossip to your friends about them, no-one else.
Not like them, but don`t tell anyone.
Not make any judgement until you get to know them..
4. For what reasons are you friends with people?
They respect me, common interests, they`re all unique.
Common interests, they`re friendly, they`re entertaining.
They stick up for me, they give good advice, they will always help me.
More fun, they enable me to meet new people, I can party with them!
5. If you were to meet me, what would you want to talk about?
Gossip & other people.
Our personalitys and lifestyles.
Ask me questions about what people have told you about me...
An issue that`s important and both of us have oppinions on. eg. home life, discrimination, school.
6. You like to be respected for...
You`re looks, friends & possesions.
Your personality, way of life & oppinions.
7. You respect people who...
Are fashionable & have lots of friends.
Treat you like a V.I.P.
Have a good reputation amoungst your group of friends.
Are their own person & make thier own decisions without anyones input.

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Created on:12/20/2008 5:41:35 AM
Made by:extacy-xx

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