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If Hitler Ruled the World, would you die?
I hate Hitler. Would you survive? Think this quiz is unfair? Is Hitler fair? Ok then. (e)

1. Are you blonde and blue-eyed?
Dirty blonde/blue-gray eyes/my hair is a dyed a different color but is naturally blonde
2. Grades in school?
Cs or lower
3. Hitler is coming after you. What do you do?
Get a new identity (Dye hair and get colored contacts, etc.)
Face him and battle his army (who came after you)
Go freely. (To Hitler)
4. Oh wait, he just wanted to tell you something, not kill you.
Crud. I did all that for nothing?
Phew! That was close!
Why couldn`t you have told me that in the first place????
5. Hitler says that if you complete a challenge he will give you power. You get to pick the challenge. You pick:
The logic Puzzle
The Pysical Test
The Creativity Challenge
I will never do anything for you, Hitler, and I wish to not be in power to such evil.
6. After the challenge Hitler says "Oh wait, I wasn`t watching. Do it again". You say:
I never did a challenge.
As you wish *sigh*
7. After the second test Hitler (who has the attention span of a squirrel, I might add) shows no expression. His eyes are steely, and his face is unmoving. You think this means:
Oh great, I`m screwed.
He`s deciding my fate.
8. Finally, he announces you will be a Nazi. You say:
Great. *no enthusiasm*
As you wish.
I will never do anything for you, Hitler!
Uh, can I have something else?
9. "Just Kidding!" He says. Looks likes he`s promoting you to second-in-command. The first thing you do is:
Nothing. You`re going to wait for an order.
Clean up his office.
Try to sneak people out of Concentration Camps.
Ask him what you should do.
10. He is displeased with your work. How would you like to die?
Death Camp
Concentration Camp
Uh...what are those two things?
I`ll fight the Nazi soldiers for my life.

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