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If Chucky attacked would you be prepared?(LOL)
Letz find out...

1. Ok...You know chucky is only a doll, But is Evil...You migh not have a child but pretend...So lets say Chucky just appears in your trash out side. Your son picks it up, And brings it in the house, And your son seems to like it You know its evil.You..
Take the doll from him when hes sleeping and burn it and tell your son. You tell him an exscuse.
You Tell him franticly to hand the doll over.
You Let him keep the doll.
2. Alright....Now lets say that your son kept the doll, and you didnt know anything yet, So at night you are working at your office alone while the child is sleeping chucky is in a chair near the fire place near your work. You see him move. So you...
Think to urself that your just seeing things.
Go cheak out the doll, Just in case.
Move to a diffrent work spot.
Put the doll in a closer chair to prove your just seeing things.
3. Ok the doll is still in the chair and you say to yourself your just seeing things, So you get out of your chair to get a glass of water you see that chucky has disapeared from near the fire place, so you go upstairs, see Chucky is stareing at you..
You pick up chucky and You are alil scared and so you put him up in the closet.
You put your hands over your eyes and pretend that this isnt happening.
You Grab the doll and go back down stairs to put the doll back down near the fire place
You put him in a box and chain it up.
4. Alright lets say you think that your son was up and he got the doll and put him in the hall, So you go cheak on your son hes in a deep sleep you can just tell he hasnt been up so you back out and chuckys gone and you go down stairs he has a knife..yu
walk over to him slowly and grabs the knife from him slowly as your sort of scared.
Get something to protect you from what might happen and try to get the knife.
Just ignore him and get back to work.
Put something over him incase he "Attacks" Or something.
5. Lets say you just ignored the doll haveing a knife you go back to work, Chucky walks sneakly over to you with the knife..You see him in the corner of your eye then you turn and hes not there the lights go out..You see him once and he cuts you deeply.
You, get out of your chair screaming franticly you run up stairs to get your son.
You go in the kitchen and just get a bandeg.
You run out of the house franticly without your son.
You quickly run up and lock your sons door, grab the phone, and run in the bath room.

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Created on:10/16/2008 2:53:49 PM
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