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What iCarly charector are you?
Are you carly, sam, freddie, mrs. benson or nevel?

1. What would be your part on a webshow?
The fan
The camrea man
The star
2. Whats the deal with you and your crush?
I have been trying to kiss my enemey for years, though i`m not so sure why
i am/ used to me merried
I`m still "that kid in school" to them
I try to amaze them with my fighting skills
I have a crush on one of my best buds
me got no crush. i crush on my fave webshow
3. What do your friends say bout ya?
My best friend is my mother, and she loves me
That i`m a bit of a flurtm i`m cute and nice to most people
my child`s friends pretend to like me
they say that i need to watch my mouth so i tell them to watch my fist
define friends, my good friends think im smart, my "friends" call me a tech-weenie
they say that i scare them! quack quack!
4. Where do you get your clothes?
I get them from yard sales! (that is until the owers kick me out)
I go shopping when i can, but clothes dont really matter to me
i "borrow" them from my friend. She has way better stuff then me
Aw! thx for asking! I get them from the coolest new stores that have lots of pink!
Some place safe
my mommy makes them for me
5. How is your mood most of the time?
Hyper! hyper i say hyper!
I feel cool and smart
I donno, if i`m eating im happy if not dont bug me or ur gunna meat mr. MY FIST
evil i say evil!!!
6. What is your style?
Sweaters and dress pants
skirt and tee-shirt
Cute and colorful!
What ever my friend has. I take most of my clothes from her
jeans, striped long sleeve
crazy clothes that match my face!
7. Are you a boy or girl?
8. Do you ever bug people?
Only with my crazy chip dip
I bug them with my smartness of sicknesses
I bug them with my cuteness
Ya ya ya. Got over it. (this means you mr. science teacher!)
I dont know. I talk to much to tell

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Created on:8/6/2009 7:49:26 PM
Made by:writerchick

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