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.Which iCarly character are you?
That new show on nickelodeon's... yeah... who are you? (e)

1. So this is kinda important... are you a girl or a boy?
Well a boy!
A girl dude!
Now that I think about it, I really don`t know!
2. Light hair or dark hair (not dyed - natural)
I`m a blonde... so light.
I`ve got brown hair, so I guess it`s darker?
It`s almost black, which would be darker.
None of these I`m a redhead.
3. Choose a hobby:
Making art.
Video-camera things or something techi like that.
Does getting F`s count?
I don`t know none of these interest me.
4. Got a sibling?
Does a twin count?
5. Does anyone have a crush on you?
I find a couple once in a while.
I`ve only had one, but that relationship ended.
There`s this one guy that loves me but I`m not really into him in that way...
I don`t have anybody, and I never did.
6. Do you love to eat snacks and relax in front of the TV?
I love that! Who doesn`t?!
Well... I`m not SUPER in love with it.
7. How are your parents?
They`re not with me right now.
SO annoying.
I love my parents.
8. You a bad student?
Bad grades, terrible attitude... yes I`m more than a bad student.
I`m not in school anymore.
No I`m fine, I guess.
9. Are you good with technology stuff?
Well I don`t eat film from a camera or smash a laptop in 2 but I`m not a complete genious!
No I am very smart with that stuff.
10. Good with art?
Not good... GREAT!
Doesn`t interest me that much.
I don`t know which to pick so I guess I`m in the middle.
11. You clever?
Yes I always come up with a creative answer to solve my problems.
Yes I think of the most witty jokes.
I don`t know.
12. Did you like the quiz (and please comment!!)?
Yeh it was cool.
It was stupid.
It was OK.

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Times Taken:101,102
Created on:2/16/2008 10:51:51 PM
Made by:indigo_aura

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