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Which ICarly Character Are You  quiz. Find Out What ICarly Character You Are  Your Personality  And Your Characters Real Name   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which ICarly Character Are You?
Find Out What ICarly Character You Are. Your Personality. And Your Characters Real Name!!!

1. What Is Your Fave Thing To Do?
Eat Eat Eat!!!
Lot`s Of Things Studie Also Go To School...
Make Creative Art!!
Hang Out With My Best Friends
2. Are You Smart? (Honest ^^
YES Super Duper Smart!!! 2+2=5 =D
I`m Pretty Smart Not A Genius But Smart...
Yea I Get Good Grades :)
*Falls Asleep* *Dream About Food*
3. Favorite Breakfast?
Turkey Bacon!!!
Fruit Bars =D
Coffee and Eggs
4. Fave Thing To Do On Summer Vacation?
Buy Art Supplies
Upgrade My Computer
Drink Smoothies!!!
5. Who Is Your LEAST Favorite Character?

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Times Taken:16,496
Created on:5/28/2009 8:07:22 PM
Made by:magicwand44

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