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Can I trick you?
This quiz involves trick questions to fool you. Can you do it?

1. Lisa`s mom has 5 daughters. April, May, June, July, and what?
I have no clue!
There is no other name
2. What invention lets people see through walls?
X-ray goggles
3. When you`re running in a race and you pass the person in 2nd, what place are you in?
4. Mr.Green lives in the green house, Mr. Yellow lives in the yellow house, so who lives in the white house?
Mr. White
The President
5. On a Sunday morning, a man is found dead. The wife said she was sleeping. The maid said she was getting the mail. The gardener said he was pulling weeds. The chef said he was making breakfast. Who did it?
It was suicide
The wife
The maid
The gardener
The chef

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Times Taken:7,068
Created on:5/14/2016 5:10:33 PM
Made by:PandasRLife

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