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Can I pull off size   jeans  quiz. I recently got some size   jeans  I am not a size   but wanted to see how they would look  I squeezed into them and took some pictures  How do they look Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Can I pull off size 0 jeans
I recently got some size 0 jeans. I am not a size 0 but wanted to see how they would look. I squeezed into them and took some pictures. How do they look?

1. Here is a picture of my belly with how big it is.
They should fit easily
You better suck that belly in to get those on
Don`t even try it
2. Got them on, just need tocbutton and zipper them
You got it easily
Suck that belly in
There is no way that`s happening
3. Front view
They look good
A little tight
How did you button those with that belly?
Those are going to rip
4. Side view
Those make you look thin
Your fat us hanging over
I`m still amazed they haven`t ripped
5. Back view
Looking good
I see some back fat and love handles
There is no room in those jeans
How did you get those over that bottom
6. Bent over
They fit great
You have some fat overhang
Your belly fat wants out
Don`t bend to far, they will surely rip, or that button will pop
7. Front view, sitting
Perfect fit
Those are so tight
You couldn`t even get the zipper to stay up
You can`t hide all your belly fat
8. Sitting side view
Wear them proudly
This looks uncomfortable
ThT belly should not be in those jeans
9. Side view, laying down
Best view yet
You got those over that butt??
You don`t look as fat in them from this angle
10. LYing down, belly up
You look so thin in this picture
Your love handles are still showing
11. Laying down, back side up
You definetly have no room to spare
They look painted on, they are so tight

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Created on:5/2/2022 11:16:56 PM
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