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I need you all to know...
this is regarding the quiz made by icprulez called The Truth About Florida_Wolf

1. First of all i do not love this man. I love Cody. Who is nothing at all like that man.
sure you don`t....
i know you love Cody
2. Second of all, i do not use my friends or anyone else.
Sure you don`t....
I know you don`t you are a great friend!
3. Zach does not think i am a whore cuz i`m not. And just cuz someone is a juggalo doesn`t mean they are Ryan`s friend.
Zach would never turn on you! you are his sister!
4. Next: my wii remotes are only for playing video games and nothing else!
yeah right.....
i know you don`t!
5. All right i don`t talk about you all behind your backs. if i was having an issue with you i`d tell you to your face.
I know you don`t!
6. i will admit i did lie to him a little bit. but not about anything major.i know lying is wrong and i do regret it. i lied to HIM and HIM only. i never lied to any of you!
*phew* good you didn`t lie to me
7. i don`t know any people like that , but i wish i did. they seem pretty cool.
sure ya don`t...
i know you don`t! and they are awesome!
8. 1: i am not a nudist (that is gross, but i think people should be allowed to do what they want) 2: i`m not fat!
yeah u r....
WOAH! U would never be a nudist! and ur not fat!
9. I admit i did ask him if he had that hairstyle, he said he had an afro so i had no idea what he meant!
it`s just hair who cares?
10. and nobody cares if u have a jew fro! (no offense to anyone with one)
it`s juat hair who cares?
11. I`m not a slut! the wii mote thing is NOT TRUE!
i`m thinking i believe you now...
ur not a slut!

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Created on:12/8/2008 10:34:06 AM
Made by:Florida_wolf

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