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I miss Brambleclaw! (not the warrior one a real cat!)
I miss him!!!!!

1. Ok first of all my friend Will had a cat Misty who had 3 kittens: Chubby (a fluffy black one she-cat),Chubby Jr. (gray fluffy gray she-cat) and one with no name (short hair gray tabby tom)
2. Everyone loved Chubby and Chubby Jr. cuz they loved to be petted and held but the tom didn`t he ran off all the time and hated everyone no one really got to pet him at all.
3. When they were near a month old I thought about naming the one with no name Will said I could so I named him Brambleclaw.
Cool :)
GRR I hate U
4. When they were almost 2 months Will`s mom was going to give them to the SPCA to find homes cuz they didn`t want them (I think it was a good idea because all the kittens had fleas and needed a vet)
Like I care
5. So they got there truck ready and Will brough Chubby while I grabbed Chubby Jr and Brambleclaw they looked up to me almost pleaing "don`t bring us there cats die there!"
6. We put them in the truck in the dump part and they drove off, but only got to the end of the driveway when I saw a gray shape leap out of the speeding truck and land on it`s side on the road, it was Brambleclaw
7. I ran over and swooped Brambleclaw up and ran over to the outside stairs and put him on my legs, he normally ran away from most but just sat there and stared up at me his blue eyes shining, as I petted his head he purred
Dumb cat
8. Later Will`s mom came back and grabbed Brambleclaw and threw him in the main truck but he stared at me...all the way to the truck.....
hate that

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