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Can I make you dizzy  quiz. Well  I think you will like these pictures   unless they make you too dizzy  Have fun Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Can I make you dizzy?
Well, I think you will like these pictures - unless they make you too dizzy. Have fun!

1. Interesting design, huh?
Sure whatever...
Whoa! Wicked!
That`s boring... is that the best you can do?
2. Oh my gosh! Is it moving?
How lame...
That`s pretty cool I guess.
3. Another one is moving!
DUDE!! That`s so cool... but it kinda hurts my eyes.
Yeah, yeah... OK kinda neat.
Psh! Bring on the next one! My eyes don`t even hurt yet!
4. LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh! Another moving one? How pathetic...
Oh... I`m getting kinda dizzy now...
5. Ooh... scary tunnel...
Cool. Awesome. Great.
6. Pretty lights...
Stupid... I could stare at that forever and my eyes wouldn`t care.
Wow... that`s insane.
7. Imagine walking on this bridge! You MUST try to imagine walking on it.
Ugg... I`m startin to feel kinda sick... exuse me...
That`s easy to imagine. None of these pictures are that dizzy-ish.
That`s kinda... kinda dizzi-ish.. kinda not.
8. Try to stare at the center, but look around the center circle too without moving your eyes. Do that for 30 seconds.
That was easy and a waste of my time... boring!
Oh my gosh! I could never do that again that was HARD!!
9. Look deep into the crystal ball... observe...
Hmm... how neat.... dizzy...
WHOA!!!!!!! OK I am really dizzy now.
Ugg this is so LAME!!
10. Try to find the smallest one.
Found it. Easily.
IMPOSSIBLE!! Well... almost impossible! It`s making me feel all weird and... weird...
whatev. neat.
11. Look at this. Just look at it for a long time!
My stomach... I`m dizzy...
Once again, I could look at it forever.
I`m still feeling OK, but that picture does make me feel pretty dizzy.
12. Cool, right?
Sure, why not?
13. This one won`t make you dizzy but I thought that you might want a little break and it`s cool so look at it!!!
Whoa! It`s mother nature!
Neat whatever

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Created on:5/10/2008 8:37:17 PM
Made by:indigo_aura

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