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I know i was born to be rich, were you?
i'm rich, bitch ;)!

1. If someone gave you 5 million dollars, you would:
Spend it right away!
Save it for college
Spend some and save some :)
Give it to all my friends!
Throw it away
2. If you went shopping everyday, how much would you spend?
$100 or less
$5,000 or more
3. Do you think you were born to be rich?
Yeah, duh
I guess
4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A stripper
A fashion designer
Someone who works at Starbucks!
An actress/actor
A singer
An abercrombie model
Someone`s maid
5. Are you rich?
Yeah, i live in a mansion :D
Kind of :)
Not really
6. This doesnt really have to do with anything but finish these lyrics: When i grow up, i wanna-
be a stripper!
marry Ryan Sheckler!
be famous, i wanna be a star, i wanna be in movies
build a castle on Power Ranger island
7. Favorite store?
Victoria`s Secret
Pac Sun
Anything from top designers
Wall Mart

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Created on:11/9/2008 5:26:09 PM
Made by:sakurasan

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