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i am not dead!!
i am Not!! dead!!

1. ok, im not dead!!
2. i did NOT give out my password im not stupid!! someone that was my old friend on quiztron who was a professional hacker hacked into my account and cuteh0ttie`s. his name is, TOloveu
3. u may of heard of him with his great obbesion with me!! i was out on summer break for about a month or so. I CANT BELIEVE EVERYONE THINKS IM DEAD!!
4. and so, cuteh0tties account has a quiz (which she is going 2 delete) and everyone thinks im dead and NO i didnt give out my password. so dont EVAH trust TOloveu
5. ok, so if he said anything bad or something with myaccount it was HIM NOT me!! like on the candy lips thing, it says i hate u i hate u!! rite? i dont really care about stuff like that i just dont like it. i wounldnt do it!!
im gonna get TOloveu

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Times Taken:2,903
Created on:7/11/2009 4:57:47 AM
Made by:r0ckhottie

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