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which hunter x hunter character are you?
Find out whether you are Kurapika, Killua, Gon or Leorio.

1. A thief has stolen your favorite sister. What do you do?
Charge In head first and punch the guy in the face.
Quietly think the situation through, then sneak up on the thief in their sleep.
Walk up to him and hit him with the first thing you see.
Heal him, then while his back is turned, take your sister and run for your life!
2. You are in a blimp. You have just ran over 60 kilometers. What do you do?
Steal some food from the kitchens.
Go to sleep for the rest of the ride.
Help some sick passengers.
Try to get the guy steering the ship to let you take the wheel.
Make the saddest person on the ship feel happy.
3. Somebody has asked you to reveal your reasons to become a hunter. You...
Blurt it out like it`s no big deal.
Tell the guy to mind his own business.
Tell him the reason you can`t tell your reasons.
Chew some gum and make a bubble so big, that it explodes into his face. Then calmly walk off.
4. You are asked to do something you have never done before. If you fail, you will be disqualified. You...
Shrug and start doing it.
Scream about how unfair it is.
Observe your surroundings and then do it.
Try to make it as fun as possible.
5. Your best friend is missing. You..
Look up where he lives and go there, hoping he is home:
Ask around, searching for any info on his whereabouts.
Start searching right there and then.
Wander around the place, searching for clues.

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