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Are you a hunter or blood hunter?
This quiz will show you how cruel you are to your enemies. Make good choices...

1. Do you know what your weakness is?
Yes, I hate it too
No, and I`m glad, it makes me feel like I have no weakness
I do, and I`ll make sure to get rid of it.
2. If yes, what is it?
Fear of Heights/disasters/wild animals
Paranoid ofstronger enemies/being out-smarted/poison
Just too ruthless/bloody/deathly calm and collected
3. Are you afraid of anything?
No and I`m glad of it. I`m suppost to be fearless
If I am, I go up against it to get rid of it.
Yes and I will suffer it, not wanting to try and scare this fear away, because it may get mad.
4. If you had to lose something, what would it be?
My arm, my valuables are too special to me.
my sword/bow&arrows/other, because my skills are in my fists too.
My sight, because I am taught that way to fight without sight (not intending to rymthe (sp?) )
5. What element do you have as a Hunter/Blood hunter?
Nothing, I`m human
6. What clothes do you wear on a hunt for a demon?
a stretchy,dark coloured sweater with forearm guards, thick, dark jeans, and a sword on my back.
Just my normal clothes, which is jeans and a t-shirt
armour on one side of arms,legs, two weapons, and dark clothes underneath
7. How do you treat your opponent?
I make them suffer, making them see their own blood
I would never fight, especially even think of seeing blood.
I kill them fast, not making them be in pain for long.
8. Do you get rid of the body and if yes, how?
I don`t, I just leave it there.
I do and I take everything useful from the body like blood, heart, and a bone for testing
I tie it to a tree and burn it down, watching it burn down.
9. Are you respectful to your leader?
I`m not, but I obey him/her, because she`s/he`s more powerful then me.
I`m am, because this person an kill me easily.
I`m not, and plan on going up against him/her, because we are both matched in power
10. Do you work better with or without partners?
With, many too, I`m so weak, I need the help from as many people as I can get.
Just a few (1-3). Even the strongest of hunters need help.
I need a couple (4-6), but not enough to get in my way.
11. What level of demons and creatures do you hunt?
I hunt many, weak ones, like the Blakes (a large family)
many strong ones, like werewolves and the Wilkins or Commars (other demons, but traitors)
I don`t fight, I watch and help the injured.

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