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What Housepets  character are you  quiz. pretty self explainitory  unless you dont read housepets  in wich case i can only assume your a bad person  jk that would be stupid to lbel a stanger like that  but you should read it its cool and funny  and its cute  which  according to mariomarc  is the main reason and plus oops i ran outta room Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Housepets! character are you?
pretty self explainitory. unless you dont read housepets, in wich case i can only assume your a bad person. jk that would be stupid to lbel a stanger like that. but you should read it its cool and funny, and its cute, which, according to mariomarc, is the main reason and plus oops i ran outta room.

1. they`re picking teams in gym class!
i got picked last...
well, im not the *worst* player...
they`re fighting to the death over me.
2. what do you do first when you get home from school?
Help with chores, of course!
Homework! (if i have any)
Play me some videogames!
Talk to my friends on the phone.
Go somewhere else without telling anyone where i went, cause thats how i roll.
whatever regular people dont do. whatever that is.
3. You`ve got some free-time to burn this weekend!
i think ill go make everyone else a little more misserable!
ill go help someone do something somwhere! for some reason!
something abnormal that wastes my time.
might curl up with a nice book.
videogames! yeah!
Can we go to th park? i wanna go to the park! we can play catch or football or friz- ran outta room.
4. What`s your favorite time of day?
the early morning, right after i wake up! (you sicko)
the afternoon, when there`s alway something to be done.
the eavning. its so peaceful.
the LATE night. (midnight-ish)
5. someone is antagonizing you! what do you do?
turn the other cheek with a strong "thats nice"
vow eternal vengence upon them and their childrens children forever.
id like to do something, but i dont trust myself to not mess up.
verbal abuse! MWAHAHAHAHA! (not cool, kiddies. ):< )
I shall do little unnoticeale things every now and then to abuse them.
attack! BROOM TO YOUR FACE! (oh, quotes.)
6. on a scale of 1-10, how weird are you?
the number after 9.
7. are you an introvert or extrovert? (im runnin out of questons!)
in the middle (i work hard on this quiz and you cant be bothered to decide!?)
8. okay! freebe question! which character do you think you are you most like?
This is a stupid question and im being lazy by making you tell me.

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