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Which House In Westeros Do You Belong To?
A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones fan? Figure out what House you belong to!

1. Which famous movie line speaks most to you?
"Maybe it`s that I find it hard to forgive the follies and vices of others...etc."
"Get busy livin` or get busy dyin`."
"I`m gonna make him an offer he can`t refuse."
"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."
"My mother thanks you. My father thanks you. My sister thanks you. And I thank you."
"Do not speak to me of rules. This is war! This is not a game of cricket!"
"Just a flesh wound."
"In a pinch I can be tougher than you are, and I guess maybe this is the pinch."
"I`ll do it. Sounds like a new thrill."
"Oh, no. It wasn`t the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast."
2. What is most important to you?
How I appear to others or showing off my strengths.
Living beautifully and being refined and well-to-do.
Preventing injustice and protecting the weak.
Being honorable in all things and putting duty above all else.
Being happy through the things I love best.
Getting what me and my friends and family deserve.
Being with my family, whom I love above all else.
3. Which of these describes you?
Talented, a bit conceited, and always the center of attention!
Calm, level-headed, loyal, and always doing right.
Strong, confident, and kind, but dangerous when angered.
Hearty, funny, and well-liked!
Soft, beautiful, and refined on the outside, but more dangerous than you`d think...
Family-oriented, kind, and occasionally severe. Don`t mess with my family.
Practical, a bit unforgiving, but tough as nails!
Loyal, honorable, soft-spoken, and honest.
Fun and not judgmental, often misunderstood, but usually the life of the party!
4. You can only save one person out of all of your friends and family! The catch, though, is that you`re a lesser child and have no chance of competing against most of them for control over your house. Who do you save?
The head of my house. He or she is the most important, after all, and will be needed.
Screw that! I`ll grab as many of them as I can! If we don`t all make it out, none of us do!
The youngest. The children. They have too much to live for.
Save? Pfft! Let them die. Less competition for me!
Save the one that means the most to me. A hard decision, I know, but I can`t help it.
5. What kind of food do you enjoy? (A strange question, I know...)
I`m not the kind of person to worry too much about food.
I like to eat very well. What tastes best matters most, but I also like my food to be nice-looking.
Simple, yet elegant foods. I`m not too picky, but I like to eat well.
Sweet, flavorful, refined, elegant...all of it! My food has to be well-arranged and nice-tasting!
Give it to me bloody and meaty! I`m a carnivore! I could care less about arrangement!
6. Pick a theme song for yourself.
We Are The Champions by Queen.
Heroes by David Bowie
House of the Rising Sun by The Animals.
Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin
Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder
Fire and Rain by James Taylor
Respect by Aretha Franklin
Free Fallin` by Tim Petty
Nothing But Flowers by Talking Heads
7. What is your creative outlet or hobby?
Coming up with witty comebacks. What? I`m charming.
I`m athletic, if that counts.
I fancy myself as having an artistic side. I like art.
I like my work. When you have work you enjoy doing, it becomes a hobby.
Hanging out with my friends and family.
8. Someone who is likely to cause problems for your house is on the move, but they`ve slipped up and you now have a chance to stop them. How do you go about doing it?
Kill them outright. I`ll take no chances.
Keep them living. They may know something.
Torture them. Then kill them. After all, they`ll be of no use once I have the information.
I sit and wait. Their actions may provide an opening for me to take command.
Don`t do anything drastic. I could be mistaken about their intentions.
9. The person you love most has plotted against you. What is your reaction?
Shock. I thought we were friends/lovers. How could they do this?
Anger. Cross me, will you? I`ll have your head!
Sadness. There is nothing I can do about it, really. I only wish it had never happened.
10. Do you sleep with a knife under your pillow, or are you more trusting?
I trust my friends and distrust my enemies. But, for the most part, I`m willing to trust anyone.
I don`t completely trust anyone. There`s always a chance that they won`t be worthy of it.
The knife is just a precaution. I keep an eye on only those who need watching.
Well, I see no reason to distrust anyone. If I am betrayed, the betrayer will meet my blade!
I have a firm belief in the goodness of people and in honor. I do not distrust without proof.
11. Pick a card, any card!
Ace of Spades!
Jack of Diamonds!
Queen of Hearts!
King of Clubs!
The Joker.
Two of Hearts.
Seven of Clubs.
Six of Spades.
Ten of Diamonds.
12. Is wealth important to you?
Wealth, position, and power means everything to me.
Not particularly, no. But I do like to spend money on anything enjoyable and share it with others.
Wealth means next to nothing.
13. Out of all of these items, which would you pick up if you saw them laying in a heap?
A golden crown.
A beautiful, hand-painted chalice.
An axe or a hammer.
A longsword.
An old, important-looking book.
A long, polished spear.
A ship in a bottle.
A beautiful silver comb.
A perfect, gleaming mirror.
14. In a social situation, you hear something that you find funny...but probably shouldn`t laugh about it. What do you do?
Laugh anyway without thinking or caring. It`s funny, so I laugh!
Keep quiet. If you laugh, you`ll expose yourself.
Politely pretend that you hadn`t heard. After all, there`s no need to upset anyone.
Say something witty to disarm the situation, but you`ll be laughing later. Oh, how you`ll laugh...
Laugh, but do so quietly. Test the waters. If everyone else laughs, too, then it`s okay.
15. Your favorite color?

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