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Are you hott or not  quiz. this quiz lets you know if your hot or not    quot To my standards quot    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you hott or not?
this quiz lets you know if your hot or not.. "To my standards" (e)

1. What color hair do you have??
all of the above
2. how much do you weigh??
30 to 60 lbs
60 to 90 lbs
90 to 120 lbs
120 to 150 lbs
150 to 180 lbs
more than 180
3. what color are your eyes??
4. How tall are you??
2 foot to 4 foot
4 foot to 5 foot
5 foot to 6 foot
6 foot and over
5. Do you do drugs??
I`ve tried them
Yes I love drugs
I have never done drugs
6. Do you have a clean face?? In other words no acne or a bunch of warts and moles.
Yes I clean my face all of the time
I have acne
I used to have acne but you can`t tell
7. Are you straight??
no I`m gay
I am bisexual
Uhh. thats dicusting . yes I`m straight
8. Are you real prepy ?
no I`m a skank
Yes I am a prep
No Im a average person
9. Are you outgoing or are you lazy??
Im freakin lazy
I like to be lazy sometimes
I am the laziest person ever
10. How old are you??
6 to 12
12 to 15
15 to 18
18 and over
11. Will you rate my quiz good?? and give me quotes?? This question doesnt count.
No this quiz sucks
No answer

About This Quiz
Times Taken:28,473
Created on:6/29/2007 11:41:25 AM
Made by:rob_87

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