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Are you hot? (To me anyway - for guys)
well are you? (e)

1. Eyes...
light blue
dark blue
2. Colour of Hair... (real-natural)
3. Body type...
Uh Fat
a bit chubby
regular bulid
Atheletic looking/muscular!!!
4. Smile...
1000 megawatt smile
great smile
um.. I smile normally
A few crooked teeth. a bit of work to go
I dont smile or I need a denist desperatly!
5. Style of hair...
Short and spikey or normal
Long past your ears
flicks under hat (over ears)
straight (over ears)
comb over... (ew.ick.)
6. Confidence (does make a lot of diference in looks!!!)
Definatly confident
I am pretty confident but am a bit self concious
no i am self concious and everyones thoughts count
7. Last Question! Do you think you are hot? ( does count for a little)
Yes I am and everyone knows it!
Well to be honest i have been blesed with good looks
Um. i am alright
umm no way
will you rate plz message and tell me what ya got
8. will you rate? (plz do) if you like it plz comment and tell me what you got?

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Times Taken:2,380
Created on:7/31/2007 4:12:55 AM
Made by:chicky_babe_

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