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Would homicidal liu love you?
to see if liu would love you.

1. Me:liu the quiz taker is here you boob! Liu:okay hello quiz taker i`m liu or according to the creepypasta net i`m now known as homicidal liu! Me:shut up ! ask a question please liu? Liu:alright first question Do you hate jeff?
no he is the love of my life
he`s my buddy!
2. Me:liu you bitch lets just ask another question your giving me a headache. Liu:... Me:well? Liu: well what? Me: question Liu:okay i ask one. Me:good Liu do you love green eyes
3. ME:say good bye to the quiz taker liu. Liu:goodbye Me:bye Liu:did you like the quiz and will you commit?
yes and yes
no and no

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Times Taken:4,626
Created on:10/4/2014 7:58:19 PM
Made by:cutie108

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