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Homestuck  What Is Your Blood Color  quiz. Find out where you sit on the hemospectrum based on your real life  ALSO  since there are only ten spots  I m getting rid of Magenta Feferi  and Red Karkat  because there is only one troll with Fef s blood besides her Empress  and since Karkat is a mutant  I doubt there would be a bunch of them Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Homestuck: What Is Your Blood Color?
Find out where you sit on the hemospectrum based on your real life. ALSO, since there are only ten spots, I'm getting rid of Magenta(Feferi) and Red(Karkat) because there is only one troll with Fef's blood besides her(Empress) and since Karkat is a mutant, I doubt there would be a bunch of them.

1. Tell me about your living situation?
I live in a rundown place. It isn`t much of a home.
I live in a small house. It`s a bit drafty, but we keep it up as best we can.
I live in a small apartment. It`s cramped, but it`s okay.
I live in an average sized home. It`s pretty comfy.
I don`t exactly have a "home". I go where I am needed, or where I am told to go.
I live in a nice home. It`s pretty roomy and comfortable. Everyone has their own space.
I live in a nice, big house. There`s lot`s of room and it`s always the perfect temperature.
I live in a pretty big house. There are more rooms than average. It`s new and modern.
I live in a huge home. Sometimes it even feels a bit too big. We fill it up with lots of cool things
I live in a mansion or a villa. I like to call it my castle.
2. What part of town do you live in?
The part you don`t want to see.
I live in the country actually. It`s nice and quiet.
I live in the middle of town. The rent is high and the living space is okay at best.
I live in a cozy neighborhood. It`s right outside of town.
I live wherever I need to.
I live in a nice neighborhood. All the neighbors have a pool sort of deal.
I live in that spot where all the big houses are. You know that place?
I live among the higher class. There are many nice estates surrounding my own.
We have our own sort of place. It`s pretty private. We have a gate and some grounds.
I live outside of town on my own acres of land. It`s private property. My mansion sits up high.
3. Do you ever have spending money on hand?
What is spending money? I get my cash off the streets.
I`ll do a chore for a couple bucks, but I never just have it.
Five bucks a week. Maybe.
I get an allowance every week. I don`t do anything for it though...
I don`t need extra cash. Everything is provided for me.
Yup. I can usually pawn some off of the parents whenever I want.
Spending money? Don`t you mean bank card?
I have at least twenty to thirty bucks to use at my leisure each week.
I just spend whatever I need to. There`s no limit for me.
Spending money? Ha. Money is money. Why would I need to ration it out?
4. Private school or public?
If I had the money to get an education...
There`s NO WAY I could afford a private school!
Just a public school. It would be a strain to come up with that kind of cash.
I go to a public school. I have friends in a private school though.
I am home schooled.
I could go to a private school if I wanted to. I just prefer the general ones.
I have the money. I have the expectation from the folks to go to a private school.
Everyone I know goes to private schools, including myself of course.
I`m not allowed to go to a public school.
Private of course. My whole family has gone to private schools for as far back as I can remember.
5. Latest gadgets/clothes?
Nothing but a dream.
I can`t afford that stuff.
I would need to save up. By then something newer would be out.
If I waited for a month or so, I could get that stuff.
I have no need for any of that. Everything I own is provided for me.
Yeah, if I feel like it. It`s not a problem.
I always have the latest things.
I`m almost expected to be up on that sort of stuff. Can`t let my "image" slip.
I get stuff before it even comes out.
6. Do you have a good family income?
I don`t think any of my family has ever seen a dime.
Well, we do what we can to get by.
Minimal. We all work. It`s still tough sometimes.
Yeah, at least one person brings in a good salary.
There`s no need for money. We have everything we need provided for us.
Yeah, at least two people bring in some hefty sums.
Everyone in my family works high paying jobs.
We are wealthy even without the income.
Yeah, my family pulls in tons. Probably too much.
I don`t need to work. My money is my inheritance.
7. Family roots?
Don`t know. Don`t care.
My ancestors were settlers here.
I come from a long line of average joes.
I think my great, great, great, something-or-other was in the army.
My family descends from a society of priests and religious leaders.
I think I`m descended from some nobles? They probably lost all their money though.
My family rose out of the ashes of poverty to claim a high seat in society!
We`ve always been nobility.
I think my family was important or rich or something.
Royalty. We were royalty.
8. Tell me about a day in the life of you.
Struggling to survive.
It`s hard work. You have to earn your share.
As average as they come. Life has no surprises.
I don`t know. I get up, eat breakfast, go to school, buy a coffee at break...
I attend to my daily responsibilities before getting to any personal stuff.
I eat a full course breakfast, head off to school/work/whatever and then go out somewhere cool.
I do my daily thing, then go out for the night.
I have the time to go on shopping sprees or take a trip somewhere.
I travel a lot. Just for fun.
I wake up, have the servants tend to me, do my lessons, etc.
9. Outlook on life?
It will get better. It has to...
You work hard and it pays off!
It`s okay.
Life is good and comfortable.
I do what I need to to accomplish what people ask of me.
It`s pretty sweet.
I`ve got everything I need...materially.
I am lucky. Life has been good to me.
Well I guess it`s okay. Money isn`t everything.
Life rocks. Look at how awesome this life is! I have everything!
10. And just for kicks, can you guess what color you got?
Rust Red...
Olive Green!
B100. I mean Blue.
Indigo yeeeeeah!

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