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What would Hogwarts students think of you? (for girls)
If you were at Hogwarts, what would people think of you? Who would be your friends, and your boyfriend?

1. What house do you think you will be in, and why?
Gryffindor: brave, popular, nice, totally awesome and perfect, good at sports
Slytherin: all misunderstood loners go there
Ravenclaw, because I`m smart and love philosophy
Gryffindor, because I`m naughty >:)
Hufflepuff, because I`m loyal and hard-working
Hufflepuff, because I`m so social, others are dumb
Hufflepuff probably, since I`m such a loser
2. What kind of friend would you want to have?
Someone who understands my feelings, and tells weird stories that cheer me up.
A club of girly popular girls: we`re really close and like to talk and gossip together
Other pranksters: then we can play pranks together!
Someone who needs a friend and is interesting to talk to.
3. Someone is taped to the castle wall. What do you do?
Nothing: someone else will save him.
Grab a broom, fly to the person and rescue him, while everyone cheers.
Tell one of the professors.
Laugh, but try to help him anyway.
4. Do you pay attention in class?
I try to, but I keep daydreaming ^.^
No, I`m too busy talking to my friends: that`s more important.
No, I`m annoying the teacher... on purpose ;)
Sometimes: I haven`t really got much else to do...
5. What would people most likely call you?
6. Which HP character do you think is most like you?
Fred, George, Sirius or Ginny
Luna or Lily
Cho or James
Severus Snape or Remus Lupin
7. Which HP character would you want to be best friends with?
Luna and Lily
Luna, Ginny and Neville
Fred and George
Parvati, Lavender and Harry
8. How many friends do you have?
10 or more
9. What do you want your boyfriend to be like?
Naughty and playful, but nice
Cute, hyper, joyful and gives me a lot of attention
Shy and clumsy, but very loyal
I don`t want a boyfriend
Mildly brave, mildly mischievous and clumsy
10. Neville asks if you will help him with his homework. What do you say?
Erm... Well... I kind of don`t understand that stuff myself ^.^
Yeah, sure!
Sorry, I`m busy.
What? Are you talking to me? There must be some mistake... No-one talks to me... Right?
11. Are you an alien?
Yeah lol!
Heck no!
Well, I do feel like one...
Maybe so. Maybe we originally come from another planet, which would mean we`re all aliens.
12. How are you feeling?
relieved to be distracted from life
just normal
opposite of serious!
13. Which HP character would you want to be your boyfriend?
Colin Creevey
George Weasley
Neville Longbottom
Draco Malfoy
Oliver Wood
Seamus Finnigan
14. Luna Lovegood starts talking to you about nargles. What do you say or think?
Luna`s just weird: she thinks that stuff is real. But it is funny and pretty cool.
Why does she keep blabbing on about stuff that doesn`t exist? She`s such a lunatic, but she is nice.
I just love Luna`s stories. Thank you, Luna.
I join the discussion: What are nargles? Are they a kind of animal, or a being made out of thoughts?
15. Fred and George are playing a prank on a teacher. What is your opinion on this matter?
I feel sorry for the teacher, but secretly I think it`s kind of funny.
I join of course!
Pranks are cool, but I don`t usually join. I`m too busy with social stuff and sports.
Pranks are stupid. I don`t even want to watch this.
16. Who is your favorite marauder?
James or Sirius: James is cooler, but Sirius is hottest.
Sirius: he`s a rebel: that`s cool!
Remus or Peter
I don`t like the marauders.
I don`t know who the marauders are.
I don`t have a favorite.
17. What would other people say is your good quality?
observant and helpful
funny and optimistic
glamour girl but sporty as well
maybe... fantasy-loving?
18. Malfoy is picking on Neville. What do you do?
First beat up Malfoy, then laugh at him, then help Neville and cheer him up.
First make sure everyone is looking, then tell Malfoy what an idiot he is and punch him in the face.
Glare at Malfoy, then leave.
First help Neville, then tell a professor what happened, then go ask Malfoy why he picks on people.
19. What is your bad quality?
I`m shy and bitter.
I`m stubborn and can be aggressive at times (but only if they deserve it)
Well, I guess I`m kind of arrogant and like to be the centre of attention.
I`m too much of a goody-goody. I`m nice to everyone, even if I shouldn`t be.
I`m perfect: I don`t have a bad quality.

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