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How high are you on the -l o s e r- scale?
Are you a LOSER? Find out.

1. What would you do if someone called you gay?
tell them their RIGHT! and be proud (this can be literal)
throw a fit and cry
give them an hour lecture on how your alien friends will abduct them
tell them "your mom!"
stick your tongue out at them
2. What do you do when at the party of the year?
show everybody the robot
7 minutes in heaven with your nerdy neighbor
ride around on someone`s back, screaming
make that 11 minutes in heaven...
call the cops from your house, watching the party because you weren`t invited or too chicken to join
3. If your parents caught you making out with your cousin, you would...
tell them that it wasn`t your fault, the talking squirrels told you to do it
say that it isn`t your cousin, it`s the mailman in disguise
say that it isn`t your cousin, it`s a martian in disguise
tell them that you were practicing CPR
run away screaming
4. Do you still believe in the Tooth Fairy?
only on Sundays
no, my parents told me it`s actually my dentist in a fairy costume
of course not! everyone knows that the tooth fairy was assassinated by George Bush
of course I do, are you kidding me?!?!
what`s the tooth fairy?
5. How many friends do you have?
i can`t count
i can`t remember
they all ditched my about a year ago
I have a few that are meeting me tonight to play Star Wars
6. How good-looking are you?
I can`t tell, my mirror broke
I try to ask people, but I think I smell too bad for them to concentrate on my looks
you mean like yoda-good-looking?
my mother tells me I will ALWAYS have her crooked smile and her soft mustache. We look like twins!
not very
7. When`s the last time someone has complimented you on something that has to do with looks or clothes?
exactly 3 years, 2 months, 23 days, 11 hours, and 8 seconds ago!
I`ve had insults...
I`ll have to look it up
the last time was... this morning... by my mom
8. Do you think you`re a loser?
Big Bird tells me I need to keep my self-esteem up
everyone does but me
that would depend on which day of the week you`re speaking of
do you? it`s the reason I`m taking this quiz!
I don`t like to lie

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