hhey there bud u should take this quiz Quiz at Quiztron
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hhey there bud u should take this quiz
take it please. do it for the children

1. hi
what do you want. take my money. take my credit cards. but do not harm the children
2. so
allow me to confess my undying love for u
why am i taking this
3. whats up
ur so boring what the heck. leave my household.
nothing much u
4. alright i should get down to business now huh
YES. no more small talk. lets engage in a meaningful conversation.
o ok
5. so..... yo. I`m new to quiztron.
leave quiztron immediately your contaminating our environment
welcome lol
6. well......... I`m not actually new. I`ve been here for over 5 years
what the heck
haha nice follow me on instagram
7. yeah. over 5 years ago, i was a very active member of quiztron
good for you my guy
i don`t give a HECK
8. i was under a different username....
ooh what was it
do u hear that? it is the sound of me not caring
9. i was 8-9 years old when i was under that user name, so I`m not gonna give it out oops sorry
ok bro
chicken chicken bok bok
10. but anyway, i have a lot of good memories associated w quiztron so i like to come back under a new account every once and a while!
11. so yeah! that is all i had to say really
what was even thE POINT OF THIS
12. im gonna try to post some quizzes/comment on stuff every once and a while now !!!
are u almost done
13. so uh sorry if this quiz was pointless or stupid,, i just wanted to introduce myself i guess!
its fine!
shut the h e c k up sonny
14. sO yeah thats all!!! bye and thank u for listening
no problem!
leave u ho

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Times Taken:1,142
Created on:3/21/2016 2:34:51 AM
Made by:snowshiba

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