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Hey boys! Are you a flirt?
If so, what kind?

1. Do you have a girlfriend?
I did but we broke up recently
Never have had one
It`s complicated....
2. Would you send this to any girl in your phone right now? (if you have a girlfrined, it doesn`t apply to you) "Hey SEXY! What`s goin` on, girl?
I guess
NO WAY!!!!
Just did ;-)
I have a girlfriend.
3. Ok, so you see a hot girll in Wal-Mart, she`s walking towards you, what do you do?
Say: Hey girl. ;-)
Say: hi and smile
Smile as she walks past
Look down
Act like you didn`t even see her, you don`t want her to think you`re trying too hard.
Act like you didn`t even see her, you don`t want her to say something to you.
Walk the other way because you`re freaking out!
4. Which smiley face do you use the most?
5. Ok, so you`re at a party, and you see this really hot girl, what do you do?
Ask her to dance
Say: Hey babe, you should so dance with me
Think: What? It`s just another girl??
Smiles from across the room
Smiles and says hey
Doesn`t say anything.
Looks down
6. Ok, so you asked her, and she said yea, so ya`ll are dancing, what do you do?
Just keep dancing
Sneak a kiss
Dance a lil closer than normal ;-)
Make out
I wouldn`t have asked so I wouldn`t have been dancing.
7. So, I hope you liked the quiz. :) Leave me a message if you wonna. Thank you so much! :D
I hated it! >:|

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Created on:7/10/2010 1:54:06 AM
Made by:msaskmenot

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