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What Hetalia ship are you?
Ship as in yaoi couple. *nosebleeds*

1. Do you get jealous of your family members?
Yes, but I don`t like to show it.
No, I`m proud of them!
No, it actually depresses me to see them progress like that.
2. What relationship works best for you?
We have to have completely different personalities. We`ll still like the same things though.
Friends becoming lovers?
3. You walk in on your lover when he/she is naked, what do you do?
Apoligize quickly and leave the room.
Blush furiously and dash out of the room.
Sit there and start up a flirty conversation, maybe even kiss them a bit.
4. Your lover is very sick, what do you do?
Take care of them until they`re better.
Cook for them, sing for them, give them lots of affection!
Stay by their side until they feel better.
5. You find a porno magazine in your lover`s room, what do you do?
Confront them about it, get angry, maybe even cry.
Throw it out and never talk about it again.
Ask them why and cry a bit, then make up with a kiss.
6. You/Your lover is pregnant. How do you react?
How did this happen? *cries*
I`m gonna be a parent! I`m so happy!
Abortion. Now. And birth control from now on.
Mixed feelings, but I`m still very happy!
7. Your lover is gaining weight, what do you do?
Tell them about it, and try to help them lose it.
Buy them bigger clothes immediantly. I don`t want them to feel insecure!
Say nothing about it, it`s cute!

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