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Help me!
im scared!

1. Ok it was 9:00 i was watching t.v and my mom came in and said go to bed at 9:30.
2. i was watching human prey on animal planet. its about this guy who almost got eaten alive by a shark.
ooo how horrible!
this is LAME!
3. any way i turn my head and there is this freaky looking bug on my wall! it was long had little pinchers at its rear! *shivers*
omg! are u okay?
suck it up!
4. so i take the closest thing near me [my journal] and i smushed it.
yeah! good for u
poor bug!
5. i held it there for awhile cuz i thought it might have been still alive.
thats what i would do
i would let it live big baby!
6. so when i finally took my journal off it was gone! not on the wall or the book! not on the floor no where!
How scary!
probaly just your eyes stupid!
7. What if its still alive? or worse what if there is more! *crying*
awww! poor thing
pbbfft! so what! it bites u it bites u!
8. And now im too scared too go to sleep!
dont worry! its probaly gone.
hope its still there to eat u

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Created on:3/26/2009 12:35:28 AM
Made by:Ashfoot

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