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help me please
shaq + jabbowockeez = shaqawockeez

1. do u like finding nemo?
ya ya boi
hell na
deff lepard on that sob
2. can u memorize these dance moves?
the cracker whistle
the worm
the robot
the sprinkler
the hustle
the pornstache shuffle
3. whats your favorite activity
masterbating to spongebob
taking a
screaming at random people suck my d.ick
4. whats the best nic name?
the big cactus
no its carmel
its caramel
no its carmel
its caramel
mom, grandma took a on the dog again
5. whats the best website ever?
6. finally would u make out with my cousins grandpa who takes sh.its with the door open and who wears speedos?
ill give u a nickel to tickle my pickle

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Times Taken:1,941
Created on:3/7/2009 10:54:58 PM
Made by:dbackfan24

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