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Can you help me find out if my crush likes me  Please  quiz. Well  I really like this guy  I m pretty sure the name says it all   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Can you help me find out if my crush likes me? Please?
Well, I really like this guy. I'm pretty sure the name says it all :)

1. Okay. For starters, he stares at me. A LOT. And even some of my friends notice.
He could be staring at someone else..
Well, someone`s got a crush on you!
Hmm. I`ll see what the other questions are.
2. Also, we text almost every day. (I see him on the weekends, so that doesn`t count..)
He ould be starting to like you :3
Girl! That boy is head over heals in love. <3
I don`t mean to be rude, but that doesn`t mean much..
3. My friend says that he gets really fidgety and "impressive" around me.
Maybe. Keep giving me some more details!
That boy thinks you`re ugly, and doesn`t want to be seen near you, that`s why! (me: you`re so kind.)
That`s because he likes you! DUHH.
4. He hugs other girls, WHILE LOOKING RIGHT AT ME. He also will flirt with other girls and look at me..
That guy is so mean! Why would he do that to you?
That`s a total sign of trying to make you jealous!
It seems to me that this boy could maybe be starting to like you!
5. He tickles me a lot, knowing I`m ticklish. He also says that I don`t have any reason to be self concious..
Child. OPEN YOUR EYES. He totally likes you! :D
This guy seems really mean :( I`m not sure he likes you at all..
I think he`s starting to open up to you! :3
6. Sometimes he just randomly appears out of no where, and starts laughing at my jokes. My friend says he lingers towards me a lot too..
I would say that he is starting to like you :)
Uh, and this has to do with liking you because..?
JUST ASK HIM OUT ALREADY. It`s obvious to me that he likes you!
7. Okay, well.. his dad somehow knows I like him..but people have told me his dad wouldn`t say anything..but I texted him yesterday but he didn`t respond..but there has been a tendency to not get messages from my phone (my phone gets all spazzy a lot)
Maybe it just didn`t go through!
I highly doubt his dad would say anything..
BAHA, this guy is ignoring you xD (me: Thanks for the boost of confidence..)
8. It would be really nice for you to comment and tell me what you get.. the suspense is killing me! (doesn`t count towards score thing..)
Sure, I wish you the best!
I`m sorry but he doesn`t seem to like you. I`ll comment anyway.
Tell me when he asks you out, okay? :3 (me: if he does, that is..)

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