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Heaven or Hell?
where will you go when you die.

1. When someone disagrees with you what do you do?
Cut them to peices!
Beat them senselessly!
Talk it out with them.
Agree with them even though they`re wrong!
Walk away.
Say whtever to shut them up!
2. If a fat woman asks you "Do I look fat?" what do you say?
A little white lie and say no.
Quickly change the subject.
Say "Yes you do look very fat!"
Stare at them to tell them the answer.
Run away!
3. What do think of demons?
I wish I was one!
They are not real!
They are so scary that I sleep with a cross.
They`re real but they are evil.
4. Do you read the bible?
I read part of it.
I read it like a million times.
I`m reading it.
I never seen one.
It`s boring.
I am not religous.
5. Do you believe in god?
A little
Don`t know!
6. What do think of this quiz?
I hate it!
mmmmm pretty good.
Very stupid.
I love it!
I hate it so much I want to beat up the guy who made this quiz so much he`ll get into a coma!
Don`t care.

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Created on:10/22/2008 5:02:28 PM
Made by:crepsly

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