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What does your heart say about you?

1. Lets start out positive. Your best feature is your...
generosity towards others
kindness and self concious
Vengence on others
ability to silence myself for a year
Opinion of friends
2. Now a negative point of view. People sometimes say you...
say sorry too much
arent able trust others
are a follower
Try to keep others out
need to be more generous
get angry easily
hold a grudge for too long
are a bit bossy
3. You see your boyfriend/girlfriend with another girl/boy. What happens next?
nothing i dont really care
Start crying and say "I knew he/ she was a liar!"
start planning your revenge
i dont have a partner...they are sooo unreliable!
Start kicking both their butts and ask questions later
Yell over "I hope you two are having fun!" (not sarcasticly)
start screaming at them so the whole store/park/movie can hear
4. You think you are...
better than everyone else
cool as ice but doesnt take no as an answer
nice but everyone else is sooo cool and i could improve
a loner but im so proud of it
hot tempered and sassy
beautiful from the inside out
5. Are you evil?
only when i have to be
most defiantly
6. How many friends?
a few here and there
a bunch but im kind of on the sidelines
the big group of populars! And im in the middle of it
Some but i dont tell them my secrets
7. Crushes? Lovers?
i have one very special crush but i would never tell them
a lot of loves...you could say im a bit of a cheat ;)
A few like me but im playin hard to get
none i hate people
8. I donate...
the leftovers
as much as i can
some here and there
9. please rate and comment (no affect)
why not

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Created on:3/14/2008 6:37:28 PM
Made by:24goddessgrl

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