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Are you heart or Mind?
Do you think with your mind, or do you go by the feelings of your heart?

1. Emotions are good, but intelligance is more important, do you agree?
Yes completely. depends.
No, emotions are better.
2. Life does not run on intelligance alone. Emotions is what makes us good human beings.
True. We need emotions to make us humans.
Not true alt all, intelligance is what makes us humans.
Half half, we need both.
3. Befor forgiving someone do you think of the mistakes made, or the consiquences if he/she is not forgiven?
I think more of the consiquences on thats person, if they aren`t forgiven.
I think about both of the things before deciding.
I think more about the mistake commited.
4. Do `hurts` stay with you for long?
5. Those who cry/get scared in movies are fools. After all its just a movie.
Only if its really sad, or really scary.
6. There is no place for fools on this earth. Do you agree?
Yesi agree. Some people spoil other lives due to foolishness.
No i dont. All people act foolish once in a while.
7. You are a CEO of a company,. An old working employee hasnt been working properly for a while. Would you sack them?
Yes if they don`t improve they must go.
Not immediatly, they have been with the complany for a long time. I will keep an eye on them.
8. You see a guy surrounded by a gang of people, theyre in trouble you...
Think of a way to get rid of the people
Rush in there and help the person without thinking about it
You think of a way to get rid of them while rushing into help him

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Created on:7/2/2008 10:03:40 PM
Made by:Crying_Shame

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