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What kind of heart do you have?
nice, mean, greedy?

1. Do you support puppy mills?
No way! They are cruel and must be shut down!!!
Yes. I fully support them.
I will stop supporting them only if I get pain when I do.
What is a puppy mill? (me: very cruel place were they keep dogs, you can look it up)
2. If someone is drowning, and you were the only other person there, would you save them?
no way! let them drown!
What do I get out of it?
3. Do you believe animal abuse is wrong?
Yes. It is very wrong
No! I abuse my animals all the time
Who cares about the animals? I will try to stop it if I get paid though
4. You see an injered squire on the side walk while riding your bike, What do you do? (If you don`t ride a bike, pretned that you do)
run over it! Injure it more!
call who ever you call when you find an injured animal
I want news reporters looking at me as I help the squirle so I will be town hero
5. You see someone choking, what do you do?
Think of a price they have to pay for you to save them
laugh at them and do nothing, not even tell anyone
Help them immediatly or ask someone else to if you don`t know what to do
6. Sorry the quiz was short. Will you comment and rate?

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