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Are you head over heels for Edward or Jacob  quiz. This is to see who s you perfect match  Are you irrevocably and irresistably in love with Edward Cullen  or is Jacob the one that gets you going  well I guess you ll find out  if you take this quiz Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you head over heels for Edward or Jacob?
This is to see who's you perfect match. Are you irrevocably and irresistably in love with Edward Cullen, or is Jacob the one that gets you going? well I guess you'll find out, if you take this quiz.

1. do you prefer cats or dogs?
2. Do you prefer a sunny day on the beach or a cloudy afternoon?
sunny day on the beach
cloudy afternoon
3. Do you like werewolves or vampires better?
4. Which twilight book is your favorite?
new moon
breaking dawn
5. Do you like overprotective or hang loose kind of guys?
hang loose
6. What appeals you in guy?
tall, and strong
medium size, and bulky
bronze hair, and a crooked smile
long dark hair, and humorous
7. Do you like Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson more?
Robert Pattinson
Taylor Lautner
8. Who woud you rather hang around with?
Seth, and Leah Clearwater
Quil, and Embry
Alice Cullen, and Jasper Hale
Roslie Hale, and Emmett Cullen
9. Are you reckless, or are you the kind of person to stay out of trouble?
reckless, and outgoing
stay out of trouble
a little bit of both
10. Do you like the cold ones, or the Quiluette`s tribe?
cold ones
quiluettes tribe
11. Do you like Volvos or an old Rabbit?
old rabbit
12. Do you like a guy with money or one that has just enough to support you?
a guy with money
a guy with just enough to support you
neither, as long as I love them
13. Do you like moving around alot, or staying in one place?
moving around alot
staying in one place
14. Would you rather be best friends with Jacob Black, or in a relationship with him?
best friends
in a relationship with him
15. Do yo u like guys that are much older, or younger?
older guys
younger guys
doesn`t matter as long as I love him
16. Are you more modern, or old-fashioned?
17. Do you like guys that sparkle?
or not
18. Do you like close contact, with control or without control?
controlled contact
uncontrolled contact
19. Do you like Leah Clearwater or Alice Cullen?
Leah Clearwater
Alice Cullen
20. Do you think you have a better comparison with Jacob, or Edward?
Jacob Black
Edward Cullen
I am not sure

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