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Are you having a boy or girl  quiz. These are only old wives tales so don t expect them to always be right  Still  it s fun to take the quiz and guess if you re having a boy or girl  right Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you having a boy or girl?
These are only old wives tales so don't expect them to always be right. Still, it's fun to take the quiz and guess if you're having a boy or girl, right?

1. How are you carrying?
2. Is the baby`s heartbeat above or below 140 beats?
3. So what are you craving?
Chocolate, cake, cookies , , , sweets, of course!
For some weird reason bitter stuff. Strange.
4. Is your husband gaining weight along with you?
Whoa! He is! So I`m not alone . . .
No! I`m the one pregnant, you know.
5. Since you`ve been pregnant, has your face been getting round and rosy?
Uh, no.
6. Okay, first, attach one of your rings to a peice of string and hold it over your belly. What does the ring do?
It just swings back and forth and back and forth . . .
It swings in a circular motion.
7. Do you have more acne now that you`re pregnant?
No. I didn`t know pregnancy caused acne.
Yes! Darn!
8. Okay. This one may seem pointless, but pick up a key. How did you pick it up?
By the thinner end.
By the bottom, rounder end.
By the middle. Doesn`t everyone?
9. How is your belly positioned?
To the front.
To the side.
10. What size is your belly?
Sort of like a watermelon.
Round like a soccor ball.
11. Has your rear end been getting bigger?
Yes. Is this good or bad?
12. Early in you pregnancy, did you have morning sickness?
Um, no. (Thank goodness!)
Yes! It was horrible!
13. Have you noticed red highlights in your hair?
Okay, what?
14. Have you been moody? (Might want to ask your partner on this one!)
Moody? Me? No way!
Yes. That is what my partner said. (What does he know, anyway?)
15. Okay, you want some bread. Do you eat the heel on the loaf of bread?
Ew! Gross!
Yes! It tastes good!
16. How is your skin?
Dry (darn!).
Soft (yay!).
17. How is your hair?
Thick and glossy :->
Thin :-<
18. Have your feet been getting colder?
19. How do you sleep?
On left side.
Right side.
Either way.
20. Okay, this is the fun part! What do you THINK you`re having?
A cute boy!
A sweet little girl!

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Created on:11/16/2008 8:49:58 PM
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